Paintings and painting objects

Paintings and painting objects

Paintings come out of the block printing process. At least as practiced the way Miriam (with huge contributions from Hannah and River) at Dym | california textiles does.

These objects are paintings and they are textiles. What the cloth is for—whether for itself alone, or a useful function—and how the "marks" add up to something beyond, yet inclusive of, pattern determine which. Sometimes a length of cloth is both, sometimes either-or.

In the cloth here, patterns go too far, take strange turns, or (as in the first image) play between excess and unfinished.

Racing Stripes. Painting variation.

Block print with dye on linen. 2017-18. 57" x 119".

This is a digressive variation on one of my original complex stripe patterns, Racing Stripes. Here, some overlaid stripes never reach the finish line.

This piece hangs on a bar within the space of a room, not against the wall. Dye penetrates the cloth, so the "back" is equal the front, with some variations.


These paintings emerge, accruals of decisions. Each strike of the block is, here, a result of the printer's decisions.

The patterns in the block prints do the same thing, though they typically stop at "enough", or where an official pattern resolves. Or when the pattern seems to hold the edges of cloth in place, a field of movement, a flag. 

Tilt Canter and Vectors. Directional study.

Dye on hemp jersey. 2017-18. Prepared for use as cloth. Perhaps it will only be a painting in this image and you will be able to acquire the dress and t-shirt I make with it. 


Speechless. Banner for DT. With Rook Party PJs.

Block print dye on satin (silk-linen). The trousers suggest a performance. It will happen, I'll let you know when I've scheduled it.

The format of layered, patterned cloth follows hard on the heels of single panels or objects. Whether incidental or intentional. The patterns argue, or chatter back and forth, implying the possibilities of other arrangements. Individual pieces, printed on both sides of the cloth, or sewn into an object, offer the possibility of interaction or performance.

Untitled installation. Infinite Stripes series.

Block print, dye on cloth (all linen except one cotton piece, various weights). 2015


Painting Object #3. 2016

Block printed cloth, sewn. Fold and unfold. 40" x 30" unfolded.


Proto-painting. Tablecloth.  2013

It depends on how you use it. Block print with dye on linen, pieced together borders.


Dym  |  california textiles

Dym | california textiles